Manufacturing a Fake Gucci

Gucci is made out of a design created by an Italian genius and it was manufactured to perfection by the company. The designer brand was able to market their product perfectly that it was loved and embraced by many of their loyal patrons. 

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Every Gucci products has a unique distinction, that makes it different from other designer brands.

· The designs are unique. Gucci products are designed uniquely, a far different from any other designer brand. The size, the cut and smoothness is only found in Gucci products.


· Every item has a limited production. To own a Gucci product will make you proud. It is because you cannot find a lot of people wearing what you wear. They don’t mass produce.

· The materials used are top rate. Materials makes a product. In every manufacturing process, if a the materials used are inferior, the result will be the same. Gucci never compromise on the materials Luxurytastic’s faux Gucci.


· It is manufactured with strict supervision from Gucci itself. Gucci don’t leave their manufacturing partner do the job alone. They invested in manpower, to personally supervise in every step of the process. 

How does Gucci replicas affect Gucci in sales?

The truth is that Gucci never lost their niche to replicas.

· There target market, most likely the rich celebrities of the, tycoons and politicians, will remain their patrons. They have the money to buy the genuine product anyway, why settle for less.


· People who buys the replicas are those people, who loves to own Gucci designer products, less likely to afford the product. They knew it’s just a replica, but, the feeling of owning a piece and the satisfaction it brings is more than enough to justify the purchase. the replica still bears the logo and all the markings the original Gucci have.

· Gucci want to maintain a distinction of being owned by only the wealthy people in society. 

Who patronizes genuine and fake Gucci products?

Genuine Gucci products are patronized by celebrities, political families, businessmen, tycoons and royalties. While, 


Gucci replicas are patronized by the middle class, working professionals and other entrepreneurs. Some are just collectors of designer replicas.

Luxury Tastic fake replicas are a big relief for the average person. They will have an option to own a Gucci at a lesser cost. They will have the opportunity to experience, what the wealthy people experienced. Psychologically, it can uplift the well being of a person.

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